Wednesday, January 8, 2014

To be a good person/parent

Most of all I want to be a good parent, that is my main goal, everything I do is built on this wish. Probably people have different ideas about what being a good parent means and probably even though most people like to be a good parent they sometimes priorities their life differently. I think that to be a good parent you have to be a good person, and that can be hard sometimes. I want to be grateful, thankful, kind, patient, graceful and fill my mind only with happy thoughts. It´s hard I can be frustrated and angry from time to time. It´s human nature. Now I´m fighting a big battle, there is a person in my life that is taking away all my energy, a person that constantly makes me frustrated and angry. I´ve tried to forgive this person many times, it´s hard to forgive harsh words, now I don´t want to forgive anymore. It´s a dilemma, we are not talking at moment and in a way that´s a big relief from the constant negativity but on the other hand I feel guilty, I feel guilty for not trying to patch things up, forgive and forget. I honestly don´t know what to do. Some people say you should stay away from negative, energy-suckers and surround you with people that make you feel good. Others say it´s best to forgive and forget....I can´t do both. As soon as I would make things right, this person would be in my life on a daily basis, in my home, eating with me, watching TV, asking me for endless favors. I can´t be the happy person I want to be for my kids around her and I can´t be the good person I want to be for my kids if I don´t forgive. Her last words to me were "you´re just a crazy bitch".Yes, it´s my mother-in-law.  My goal for January it to be a better person. Help!

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  1. Oh my goodness I hope you have found a little peace of mind by now; I have a similar relationship with my mum although I have very little advice to offer. I chose to do my own thing and try not to feel guilty, I invite her over for special occasions and keep her informed of the children's activities (by email mostly) and leave it up to her to decide whether she wants to join in The hardest part is trying not to feel guilty though, I hope you find a solution.


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