Monday, September 10, 2012

Back to business

 Firstly I just have to mention how grateful I am for my blog post on late summer parenting - we actually managed to get somethings on the list done and I think it was just the extra push I needed to step out of my every-day and make a special-day. Above are some snapshots from two extra special days. I even managed to make some jam from my berry-picking. So proud of my beautiful jam. First time for me but definitely not the last time - it was so easy. I guess I always thought there was more too it than that

We are getting back to the routine over here, I´ve spent the last year on a maternity leave and now it´s back to work, it´s heartbreaking to leave my youngest crying at the nursery and my school girls are coming home in the worst mood. Although I´ve planned everything and have clothes, schoolbags and snacks ready the night before it´s stressful, I wake up before everyone and get myself ready, the kids I wake up an hour before we have to leave the house, still we are always just managing to get there on time. Now there will also be the additional stress of cleaning, cooking and helping the girls with their homework....after work. I can´t help to wonder why it has to be this way, all this stress that comes with modern life, it feels so wrong. I´m fighting to keep it simple but it kind of feels like out of my control. On the upside I´m grateful that I´ve manged to get some areas of my life under control, waking up early and not watching TV will hopefully help me to cope and give me at least some spare time. One tired mama!


  1. So nice of you to stop by my corner of the world. I've just been reading through many of your posts. Being grateful for the littlest of things is what I strive for each and every day. Working and trying to keep up with everything during the school year is a constant battle around here. Some days I just throw my hands up. Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  2. beautiful photos, I miss blueberry picking and the nature from home. Im glad you are making the most of it ....


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