Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Proud to present....

Heehaw I actually managed to do something creative today and actually finish it.  I did the big one a while a go and added the baby pillow today - I know it´s super easy but I´m happy with the outcome.  I also love when I manage to create something for free - the fabric is old curtains and the crochet is something my mum must have made half a century ago. Well done me!


  1. Hello Mrs Grateful, and thank you for your lovely comment! Am going to get myself a nice cup of tea, some toast, and have a ittle browse through yor blog! Thanks for introducing yourself to me, Claire xxxk

  2. Hi thanks for visiting my blog! I love the sentiment in your blog, some wise words!
    I love making stuff out of material that cost nothing or very little! Ada :)

  3. hi mrs grateful. thankyou for your message on my poor excuse for a blog. am reading your blogs going backwards and liking your vibe. nice to preserve your mums crochet so nicely. now you have a keepsake to maybe pass on one day. blessings, trills.:-)


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