Thursday, August 30, 2012

Love - family

Earlier this month I wrote a post about love and promised myself to write more about the things I love.

Family - now this is what I love most of all, not only my husband and children but also my extended family, people that have passed away are just as real in my heart as those who are living, distance or time doesn´t weaken my love if the bond was ever there nothing will change that. I think before I just took people for granted, it´s only recently I ´ve started to really appreciate how special it is to have people in your life that you love. I´ll be a very loving old woman if my love continues to grow this way.


  1. What a sweet and lovely post - and SO true! It's so important to remember to sit and think about 'love' for a moment once in a while. I can literally feel my heart swelling with happiness when I think about the people whom I love and whom (I hope!) love me in return.
    best wishes,
    paula xx

  2. I feel so far from my extended family and roots sometimes and my wish is that we can all live together one day. But you are all in my heart and my thoughts every single day...


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