Thursday, August 2, 2012

Early mornings

A little step may be the beginning of a great journey

A new month a new challenge. I want to start waking up at 6 o´clock in the mornings. I want to get some quiet quality time with myself before everyone else wakes up. I can see myself using this time to meditate and practice yoga. I´ve been longing for this challenge for some time now, but with the new baby in the house I felt the sensible thing to do was to get as much sleep as possible. He´s now sleeping through the night so I´m looking forward to this challenge. The TV free nights have been a relief for me, freedom, free from mindless, empty, cheap entertainment which I still indulge in once in a while. I look forward to my TV nights but now I´m in control. I´m not quite sure what happened to the extra time this was supposed to bring me but it´s summer holiday and everything is upside down, the kids are going to bed later and we´ve been travelling. I think my girls probably gained the most from that challenge, I´m no longer irritated when they steel my attention from the TV,  I´m no longer hurrying up their bedtime routine in order to finish before my show starts. I have the time for them, I can listen, I can read for them, we play cards together. Now I can´t see how I could have it any other way.


  1. I have just started getting up at 6am...started this morning actually. I'd like to get up earlier actually, but I know I just can't do it at this point.

    I love your blog font! So cool!

  2. You have such a wonderful blog! It's like a treasure chest of goodness and happiness. I like this post because I particularly like to advocate early rising - and I was not always an early riser myself. My boyfriend and I both wake up at 5-6 (him 5, me 6) and it has become such a humbling and beautiful habit. And waking up that early really does become easier over time. We go to bed much earlier though, but we find that the morning time is actually the best time to be awake - because we are given the psychic energy of the sun, which obviously is not present in the evening time.

    And you are a mama, with three children! I am sure raisiing them plays a big part in your day and they are lucky to have a mama who is so committed to creating more sacred time for them. My boyfriend has a daughter from a previous relationship so I am lucky enough to have a little bit of her sunshine in my life now too!

    I hear what you are saying about your shows. I never used to watch many TV shows and then some how learned how to download shows from the internet and thus my obsession began. I really don't like this habit much because i find that it is too imprisoning and time consuming. My whole evening begins to gravitate around when my show time should start. So everything must be done by then, so that I can waste a couple hours in front of the TV (or computer). This is eventually something I would like to get rid of :)

    I am so looking forward to reading more of your posts, and so happy I found your blog, mrs. grateful! x

    love, malavika


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