Thursday, August 16, 2012

10 ideas for late summer parenting

I don´t know about you but I´ve kind of lost my summer enthusiasm. In spring I´m always so happy to greet the sun and warmer days, I use every opportunity to be outside. We´ve had a great summer and now my mind is on going back to work and the children starting school and day-care. I´ve kind of forgot to make the most of each day so I put together a list of activity to make those last days of summer extra special. I´ve always believed that the best thing I could give my children was my time and attention (and was glad to read this post that made me more confident in my parenting methods).

1. Overnight camping - we haven´t been camping at all this summer and this weekend probably is the last chance we have this year, fortunately the weather forecast is perfect and although we have a busy weekend planned we can squeeze in an overnight camping trip to a wonderful place not to far away. Thank you Jacquie for inspiring me. I´m super excited and can´t wait to tell the girls, they will be thrilled. Nothing gives the family quality-time like camping.
2. Food-gathering - my husband is a professional chef and we love food ( too much). Although we are far from being self-sufficient I find the idea very appealing. I would love to work on my self-sufficiency in the future but for now ....small steps...we will make do with our windowsill basil and hopefully a family trip picking berries, maybe mushrooms (although I´m scared of picking the wrong ones) and fishing in a local lake. I don´t expect bringing home tons of goods but hopefully we´ll have a good time.
3. Jumble sale - now this is something my older daughter came up with last winter and I think it´s time I help her to make it happen, she and her friends will collect things from friends and family and clean out their closets as well. Then they will try to sell it in front of our local grocery store and try to sell it, the money they make from this will be given to charity and they can get their pictures in the local paper
4. Charity - I want to do more charity work and do more for my community - I would love to find something that I could involve my girls in so that we can do good things together.
5. Bake something delicious - for those rainy days this is a sure hit, the more hands on I let them be the happier they are, just need to take a couple of chill-pills before hand to make sure I don´t freak out about the mess or worry too much about the end result... for irresistible recipes click here.
6. Go for a visit - now this is something I need to work on, time flies by and everyone is busy. As grown-ups we don´t necessarily realize how long it´s been since last time, quality time with extended family and friends can also be an invaluable part of their childhood and give them new dimensions and outlook on life.
7. Go to the beach - you can hardly go wrong with a visit to the beach, there is always something interesting by the sea even if the weather is not to great, a lake or even a small river can also do the trick. My favorite decorations at home were hand-picked by my girls by a river and at the beach. One is a bowl full of stones in different colors, shapes and textures and the other one is a vase with beautiful extra large straws. Not only do those item look great but they come with a memory and a sense of pride. Who knows what we´ll find on our next visit.
8. Late-night walk - I´m not a spontaneous person and my life is pretty much in a routine, so when you brake up the routine and do something different it becomes extra special. Maybe a late-night walk is not so adventurous for some families (and by late-night I´m talking about after dinner) but for my family it is.
9. Collect leaves - this activity will give us at least two days of fun. First to pick the leaves and press them. Later to make something beautiful out of them.
10. Climb a "mountain" - we´ve done this a few times and should have done more - it´s so much fun. Our mountains are actually more like hills or mountain sides but after all we are only beginners. The joy at the top is real and that´s what counts, right?

I think this list represents many of the things I would love to give my children - togetherness, love of the outdoors, respect for nature, care for others.....I see this in hindsight and I´m pleasantly surprised....yet again blogging is helping me to figure out more about be honest this list is more the parent I would like to be than the parent I am today but if I hadn´t sat down to write this post my clear ideas would have remained only a vague feeling. Hopefully I can put my ideas in action.


  1. Hi thanks for popping over to my blog, your post here has really made me think about how I spend my time. x

  2. Hello there,
    thank you for finding me and leaving best wishes for Dean....
    I have found you too, which is loVely and I enjoyed your posts and have the same desire to wake earlier and start my day with yoga and meditations, alas family life is busy and time seems to fly by!!
    Have a Sunday full of fun.
    loVe Maria x

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment. Your blog is so inspiring, I'd love to follow but couldn't find a followers button. I love your monthly challenges! x

  4. Good luck with your list. As you say, its good sometimes just to write down what we hope to do, even managing to do a few of those would make the Summer hols for any child.

  5. I love this list - what a fun way to end the summer!

  6. You have shared a wonderful (and unique) late summer bucket list of ideas to liven up these last days of this season. We just accomplished a few of the ideas you shared—in the last 2 weeks our family has climbed the highest peaks in two different states. We also visited a childhood friend yesterday; and, last night the children went for a late night walk with their Nana. Love your ideas and I hope you get through a few of them too! ~heather

  7. Great list. A thought re. something charitable you and the girls might be able to do: knit squares for a charity blanket. Even if they are too young to knit they can help wind wool and choose colours and sew squares together. My girls and I made one when they 4 and 6.


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