Wednesday, June 13, 2012


My sister´s theme of the week is sewing, I didn´t really have a planned theme this week but when she asked I realized that there definitely is a theme over here this week - working with yarn - every member of the family - except the dad - is working with yarn. I´m knitting and crocheting (started a new and very exciting project yesterday). My 7 year old is finger-knitting like crazy, yesterday I tried to teach her how to knit, she got the hang of it but was a bit disappointed how difficult it was (she had already planed about a dozen items she was going to knit this summer), she´s also braiding friendship bracelets and my 5 year old learned how to braid as well this week and is proudly wearing her own design and make. My 8 month old is taking advantage of all this yarn laying about around the house and plays with it like a little kitten - result I spend more time untangling yarn than actually making anything. We are all learning and improving our skills, making useful and not so useful things. It´s amazing what you can to with a piece of string.

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  1. oh we would love some friendship bracelets if the production is overflowing. (including me, I'd love to have a little piece of you guys on my hand) Its just after midnight here and I just finished my sewing project of the day, photos tomorrow...


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