Sunday, June 3, 2012

June challenge

I really love my challenges for the month, I find they are really working, I find it comforting to see I´m making progress, taking one step at a time and taking the time I need to focus on each step - putting other imperfections aside and thinking "I´ll deal with that later". I´ve been blogging less and reading more blogs lately. My morning walks have given me time to ponder and wonder and this months challenge I´ve been thinking about for some days now. It all started with this post, well of course these thoughts have been circling in my head for years but this post inspired me to make it my monthly challenge. I want to be a better wife - marriage is maybe the most important relationship I´ll have, our relationship will affect our children in more ways than I can imagine. Mostly I need to be more respectful, more appreciative and more supporting, sometimes that will mean biting my tongue, turning my head and counting to 10 but mostly I think it will mean reminding myself everyday why he deserves those things because he does.

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  1. I love the monthly challenges as well! Going to get mine up soon. I'll send you some links I saw recently about marrige that I found quite interesting...Im sure you will enjoy to read them this month...


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