Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What I learned last night

Before I had my first child I thought I knew everything about parenting. "Be firm but friendly - say what you mean and mean what you say" Easy! It took about two year for my daughter to proof me wrong.....it´s not easy! She´s a stubborn fighter - actually she´s a very well behaved, responsible, caring little girl with a good heart and a strong sense of fairness. For her it´s not fair that I´m the boss - everything has to be negotiated until she´s is comfortable with it. She has to understand all the rules and if they make sense she will follow them and not let you down. She´s very mature and I usually talk to her like a grown-up. Basically she turned everything I thought I knew about parenting upside down and I adjusted to her way. My younger daughter has a completely different personality and yesterday I attended course at the local school with a little introduction to "PMT - Parent Management Training" because she will be starting school this fall. As I was sitting there I realized that everything I thought I once knew would apply to her, she needs the framework, the rules and the encouragement. What worked for her sister doesn´t work so well for her so I was feeling lost and confused in my methods always trying to apply the same for both. I´m relieved because I feel like I know what to do now. I´m hoping for a happier and more relaxed atmosphere at home, I´m more confident I can give her what she needs. I wonder how many years it will take me to figure out how to manage my son.

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  1. lol...I think little man will be easy, (as long as he doesnt get hungry)funny theese little aha moments...give them a hug from me....miss them


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