Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I wish my cleaning products were so pretty
My sister  asked me to share my cleaning routine. I´ve recently started dividing my weekly cleaning on week-days instead of having one big cleaning day on the weekend. Cleaning is not my favorite thing and I´m always looking for ways to make it easier for me. I was worried this change would make everyday unpleasant but I´m finding it quite easy and at least I can look at one area of the home with pride everyday (and ignore the rest). Then instead of two big cleaning days a year I divide my deep-cleaning tasks on the weeks. This part I usually enjoy because it most often involves more organizing than cleaning. Basically I just sat down with my diary in the beginning of the year and took an imaginary tour of the home. I found a starting point and then moved around the home - one wall at a time. For example my bedroom takes 4 weeks... first I take the bedroom closets, next week I take the bed and bedside tables....third week I take the window-wall and the fourth week I take the baby´s bed and drawers. Tasks involved might be turning mattresses, washing curtains, rearranging, throwing out and of course cleaning. Some areas I just take in one go, like the laundry room, the balcony,  the landing and the storage room. Still there is one thing I really would like to improve in my cleaning routine - I want to use green cleaning products - another thing to put on my to-do list. Happy spring cleaning - I´m going on holiday with a good book and my knitting project.


  1. Sounds like your plan is working well for you. My husband encourages me to clean bits here and there, but it is so hard on my mind to never have the whole thing clean. So I do a bit here and there and then more when I have a chance. I have been using green products for 9 yrs or more. Your biggest hints to have are baking soda and vinegar.

  2. this week my theme is spring cleaning...we did the kids room today, got some new storage from ikea and sorted through all their toys, they are so happy now. I also made a homemade cleaning solution with water, vinegar and citrus essential oil...smells lovely. Enjoy your trip and kiss the kids from me...

  3. There is nothing like a clean, fresh home....looking forward to start using green cleaning products - I´m sure once you start there is no way back. Thanks for you comments


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