Friday, April 27, 2012


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I went for a walk this morning, before checking my mail and blog, before the housework, before reading the newspapers. I think this is something I should do every morning. Not only is it a good exercise but also it gave me a clear head and a fresh perspective for the day. I heard on the radio the other day that a new study showed that people who do their exercise by the sea feel happier than people who walk/bike/run etc. outside and not by the sea. It makes sense and lucky for me the sea is just 5 minutes away from my house. How can I not be grateful. Well this morning "destiny" lead me in the other direction. What I really wanted to share was my morning thought, when I´m walking it´s like all the thoughts in my head are swept away and I´m left with one. This morning it was "balance" . The key to well-being, ying&yang, a wisdom older than mankind (almost). And I felt like I was discovering it all by myself, of course that´s what I´m looking for, that´s where I want to be. For years I´ve been bothered by my lack of need to succeed, I´m pulled towards the average, I´m not willing to put in the effort to "be somebody". And today I discovered why: I´m finding my balance. Balance is beautiful, balance is what makes life beautiful. Like before, balance is something you can apply to every aspect of your life to make things right.


  1. so true, this is a beautiful post!..and lucky we just returned from the lake..water and gazing at water is somehow balancing for me..
    found you via your lovely sister and wanted to say helle:)


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