Sunday, April 29, 2012


Next month I´ll turn 35. If life comes in 7 years chapters I´ll be entering a new chapter now. I just realized this couple of days ago and the idea intrigues me. The last 7 years have been all about bearing children, nursing, raising and nesting. Maybe the next 7 years will be more about me, at least that´s the vibe I´m feeling now. Self-discovering, learning, re-evaluating and finding my core. One thing I really want to do is to be more creative, I´ve always been inspired by creative people but never put in the time or energy I need to get somewhere with my creative work. I´ve kind of given up on everything I´ve tried before I got good at it. I´m impatient and just like doing things I´m good at. Yesterday I had some time to check out blogs and found a circle of bloggers participating in a week long challenge of spending one hour a day sowing children´s clothing - hosted by this blogger. I was inspired and so excited about all the cool kid´s clothing they were making. That´s something I would love to be able to do.........among too many other things. What ever will be will be - but I´m excited to enter into this new chapter of my life and see where it will take me.

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  1. remember the hoodie that you did sew for me? You can totally do it, lots of great ideas and tutorial on pinterest as well.


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