Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Task of the day

Years ago I found myself thinking about all the things I wanted to do but never getting around to do them, I read food magazines and wanted to try all kinds of recipes but  hardly found the occasion. I thought about friends I should be calling up or visiting but didn´t get around to it. I wandered around my house and thought I really have to clean out this closet but didn´t find the time and so forth... you see where I ´m going with this....wow it really sounds like I didn´t do anything.  Then I started to write those ideas down in diary, over the years this has evolved and is still taking constant changes. Also it´s become a sort of a hobby and I´m planning the whole year in January - so everyday I look at my little task book and am excited about the day ahead, if I don´t manage to complete my tasks I move them forward to next week - I never complete all of them so every day I have 6 or 7 tasks to choose from....I also add on new tasks through-out the year and sometimes some tasks are written out uncompleted. The whole idea is to keep it fun - it should never be a burden. My primary tasks are planned ahead in January and are themed by the day, the other tasks are either rolled-over from last week or new ones.
  • Mondays are for beauty and self care. Here I schedule my hair and beauty appointments through out the year a long with home-spa treatments
  • Tuesdays are for new recipes. I used to plan out my recipes but now I keep it open.
  • Wednesdays are for relationships. Family and friends I don´t contact on daily/weekly basis.
  • Thursdays are for deep-cleaning tasks. It takes me 6 months to complete the circle around the house - this week I´ll be going through the children´s bookshelves.
  • Fridays are for craft projects - great for starting things but not really finishing them so that´s why I upgraded for example my knitting project to a weekly theme
  • Saturdays are for treating myself and my family. If my budget allows it I buy clothing or cosmetics for me and my family. Or something for the home.
  • Sundays are for reading or writing.....have to reconsider that one next year because Sundays are usually hectic family-days with little or no quiet-time.
I know this is not for everybody but for me it´s both fun and comforting....if I don´t get around to clean and organize the bookshelves this week it´s o.k. it´s on my schedule for next week. Money has been tight for few months now but it´s o.k. - my list of treats, I owe myself, is getting longer and I´m not going to feel guilty when get to go on my shopping spree.

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  1. you know that I love your ideas, its so easy to never have time and I found sometimes just seeing it written was all it took to get it done...maybe a task that takes 3 minutes but makes all the difference. Im super interested to get a copy of your deepcleaning circle list. (does that make me a housewife nerd?)


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